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I Block Bots

I hereby swear to block crawlers from my site as best as I can, until I decide to change my mind and blog my decision.

— 5 Sep 2023

Notes on Mastodon for Newcomers

Handy tips and resources I wish I knew when I started out.

— 10 Jun 2023

How I Verified Myself On Mastodon

Helpful info on what Mastodon verification is and how I got each of my (three) links verified.

— 07 Jun 2023

I asked ChatGPT to review my website

...and all I got was this lousy blogpost. I break down ChatGPT's review of my site, and how I interpreted it.

— 9 May 2023

Analyzing a Website: Lessons Learned

An experience of analyzing this website and the valuable lessons learned about the website analysis process, and about life in general. A guest post by ChatGPT.

— 6 Apr 2023

I redid my website

Some notes on how I migrated my website to a new one, using Astro as the static site generator.

— 4 Apr 2023

Why are styles on my Astro site not working in GitHub Pages?

How Jekyll and GitHub Pages don't play nicely with Astro sites, and how to easily fix it.

— 16 Mar 2023

Hello, World! Again!

The new site's live! But at what cost??... and with what tech?

— 30 Mar 2020