09 Mar 2023 ~ 2 min read

Release V: Go For It

A long time ago in a release far, far away I said I had considered rebuilding my site in a way I found easy(ier) to maintain, and exploring a new tech while I’m at it. Well, that release is here, and I’ve rebuilt my site again. Again.

More on reasons why I did what I did in future posts. But here’s the major changes I made.

Replacing Eleventy with Astro

I removed Eleventy. It’s a great static site generator; quite powerful, decently documented and a large community backing it. But, when coupled with Hylia (also a great starting point), it made a lot of decisions about workflow and project structure that when left unchecked, became a constraint. By which I mean it was too complicated for me to just pick up again after some time not using it.

I decided to take the opportunity/used this as an excuse to to try something new, and replaced it with Astro. I used Maxi Ferreira’s Astro Blog Template, which has been a great introduction to Astro for me. Other than coming preconfigured with Svelte (to make the theme toggle in the menu bar ☝️) its not opinionated and makes next to no technical decisions other than folder structure. It looks pretty sharp to boot. I’ve updated the Credits page accordingly.

I’m still not at feature parity but I’ll be working on it. Check back for more posts on how I migrated, why Astro, and other pearls of wisdom. It’s gonna be great.


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