25 Aug 2021 ~ 2 min read

Release IV: A New Hope

I was contemplating rebuilding my website on a new platform for a while now. Mainly because I couldn’t remember how to drive it, mainly because I forgot how to, mainly because didn’t document it for myself. After thinking about it, I realised that those reasons weren’t good enough. So here it is, the first release in over a year.

Besides, adapting to legacy systems is my (non-voluntary) jam. It’s not impossible. I used to build on legacy tech in my T-16 back home.

What copyright infringement?

Replacing Commento with Disqus

I removed Commento. It’s a lightweight and minimal embeddable comments widget that you should get behind if you can. It doesn’t sell your data, show you ads or any other modern internet stuff. I love it. But, given that it costs $USD, the $AUD wasn’t having a good time, and more than anything nobody was using it, I decided to end my subscription. A long time ago. I just didn’t remove it til now.

I replaced it with Disqus, and updated the Credits page accordingly. I’m looking forward to swapping back one day.

The usual typography changes

I replaced my Permanent Marker heading font with a very bold, very italic version of Chivo. I like the big blocky minimalist look of it, hoping it will inspire a redesign. While I was at it, I also replaced Frank Ruhl Libre with Kaisei Tokumin. Honestly, this was just filler work. More changes soon, I hope.


Headshot of Miko

Thanks for reading. I'm Miko, a UI Developer from Sydney, Australia.
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