11 May 2020 ~ 2 min read

Release 2: Mostly Typography Updates

If you know me, you know I blame all my hangups in Design on how long it takes me to decide on typography. Here’s me having a second (and probably not last) go at improving it.

Inline Code Blocks Facelift

You know, the <code/> ones. They already steal enough cognitive attention without also being huge and bold. Now they’re the same size as the text, with a little extra breathing room. Also changed some of the colours around to make them a little more subtle.

Actual Font Weights

I thought I kept importing bad Google Fonts, when actually I was using the Fonts v1 API syntax with a v2 API request. D’oh, Miko.

For now, I’ve imported two other weights for the Frank Ruhl Libre font family so that the strong tags have some more visual weight. More typography changes to come, I’m sure.

Credits Page

I really like Danny Banks’s site, and I thought the idea of the open-source credits page was cool. So I’ve replaced the Hylia link in the footer with a link to my Credits page. Hopefully more things make it on here as I go more crazy than just updating typography.

Next one’s the homepage, I swear.


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