01 Apr 2020 ~ 3 min read

Release 1: The First Fixes

That’s what I get for not testing my website more thoroughly. But, like I said, MVP. Heck, this isn’t even the design I wanted to release with, so that should tell you something.

I’m going to try to make an effort to document all the changes I make to my website as I go. I think I’d find it interesting to go back over these in some distant future, maybe you’ll enjoy it too. Of course, I’m going to be continuously deploying changes as I see fit – I’ll still try to document these in release posts. You can find them tagged as release.

Blue Favicon

I changed the favicon to blue after seeing it on a non-dark-mode tab... It reminded me of an aussie pet food brand's logo.

New body typeface

I previously used Playfair Display, but given that they're intended for large stylistic headings, I shouldn't have. Lots of hairlines on Chrome for Windows were disappearing. For now, I've changed to Frank Ruhl Libre Regular.

New background colour

I changed the body background from `#f4fdfc` to `#fafffe`. I intentionally wanted a white in a blue shade, but this was uncomfortably blue on non-mac screens. I also swapped around the body and footer background colours on dark mode.

Header and Footer refresh

I didn't like how my header looked on mobile, so I moved the theme toggle to the footer and redid the footer a little. I also added my logo to my header. I redid the theme toggle as well – I thought the emojis were cute but seeing the non-apple ones in the button made me change my mind. I reverted the design to something like what it was originally in Hylia, though I plan to revisit the theming completely.


The next few deployments should actually contain new features this time. I tried to be cute with keeping the old splash page of my site when moving to this new one, but that one took me all of two hours and now looks messy and doesn't fit the rest of the design. I'll be spending most of my time on updating this, and may do it in a few iterations. Other than that I have a few components I want to create for the blog pages, and will redesign my about page as well.

If you’ve got any suggestions for me, or see any issues, feel free to comment here or drop me a line on any of my socials.


Headshot of Miko

Thanks for reading. I'm Miko, a UI Developer from Sydney, Australia.
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