30 Sep 2023 ~ 1 min read

September 23

Blog lists rework

I made a bunch of changes to the way I show blogs on my site. In summary,

  • Got rid of the concept of a “featured” post. I kinda forgot why I wanted this.
  • The homepage now contains a list of the three most recent blog posts I wrote, all of them with the featured treatment.
  • The blog page reuses the blog card grid to list posts
  • Some general updates to the blog card design

A slightly more dynamic “Now” page

The Now Page widget will now contain the track I last listened to at build time, courtesy of the LastFM API. More to come, I guess?

Astro Upgrade to v3.1.2

Not like I felt the need to, but I upgraded my Astro version to v3. I’m interested in giving the view transitions api a go at some point.


Headshot of Miko

Thanks for reading. I'm Miko, a UI Developer from Sydney, Australia.
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