A somewhat curated written history of this website.

You can check out more details in the GitHub Repository.

September 23

Blog list updates, integration and an astro upgrade

— 30 Sep 2023

August 23

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

— 31 Aug 2023

July 23

Pretty much just blocking Google bots.

— 9 Aug 2023

June 23

A couple image-related things. Nothing much to see here.

— 30 Jun 2023

Release X: This Changes Everything.


— 24 May 2023

Release 9: May the 4th be with you

Been too long between Star Wars references.

— 4 May 2023

Release 8: Always deploy on Fridays

A bunch of changes, ceremoniously deployed on a Friday. I, too, like to live dangerously.

— 31 Mar 2023

Release 7: Tags

That's it. Tags.

— 20 Mar 2023

Release 6: Missed It

A follow up to the Astro rebuild release, later than I'd like, but better than never. My dog ate my homework.

— 15 Mar 2023

Release V: Go For It

The title is a Rocky reference. Or maybe it refers to me going for rewriting my site in Astro? Read more to find out.

— 09 Mar 2023

Release IV: A New Hope

It is a period of lockdowns in the galaxy. A brave UI developer has challenged the tyranny and oppression of his lack of DOCUMENTATION.

— 25 Aug 2021

Release 3: Back to work

A few new features but alas, not the homepage. Also, my last release for the foreseeable :)

— 01 Jun 2020

Release 2: Mostly Typography Updates

My second release of changes to the site. A Credits page and, surprise surprise – more typography changes.

— 11 May 2020

Release 1: The First Fixes

If a website gets released in the woods without needing a hotfix, does it make a sound?

— 01 Apr 2020