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Just Post

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I read a post by Andy Bell titled “Just Post”, which found me at the exact time I needed it to.

I wanted to spend more time creating; I wanted to write down ideas, try new things with code, and write about my learnings so I (and maybe others?) could refer to them any time.

I wanted to write more; I wanted to write faster, and more often. I wanted to learn how to communicate more simply and effectively.

Andy’s post told me that the best way to do that was to just post. And it’s right.

In the same vein as “ship early, ship often”, my website will remain an ever-changing playground both in form and content. Never perfect and never done. While some posts and ideas could take hours of prep work and editing, some will be (and should be) just like this one. Fleeting and short. Momentum keepers.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position to me, let this post be your sign. Just post.

And, just like Andy’s post, here’s some additional motivating post-script:

P.S if you think “no one will want to read my posts”, just think about how much content you read. We need your post. Even if it’s a repost of someone elses idea, your perspective is important.

P.P.S if you think “I need a new blog” or “I don’t have a blog”, if you have a github account I can show you how to get one just like mine up and running in minutes.

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