About Miko

Headshot of me. Shot with iPhone or whatever.

I'm a design-focused UI developer. I'm passionate about Design Systems, UX and Accessibility, and I specialise in redesigns and rebranding strategies.

I've been lucky to work in this industry for well over a decade with many talented individuals, both as a manager and as an engineer.

I'm the Team Lead for the Front End team at Innowell.

If you're interested in more current information, you can check out my Now page. You can also find links to my socials in the footer.

About this website

This is my corner of the internet. It's not a well curated portfolio site; it changes a lot and not always in a good way :)

  • If you'd like to learn about the changes I make, check out my Release Diary.

  • Or, if you just want to know about how the site is built, have a look at the Credits page.