31 Mar 2023 ~ 2 min read

Release 8: Always deploy on Fridays

I swore to ship every Monday, but it turns out I don’t code on the weekends. So here’s a thing of changes, deployed on a Friday Saturday, because deploying on a Friday is a surefire way to have bugs in your build.

I’m off to sacrifice to the deployment gods, enjoy your weekend.

Moving Releases away from Blogposts

I thought about it some more after my last release and decided Releases aren’t blogposts at all. I’ve also been thinking about different ways to display blogposts vs releases so I created a separate route - They now live on the Releases page.

Get my mug off the Social cards

I cringe when I post a link to one of my posts on Twitter or Mastodon, and I get to see a picture of my Avatar again. I’ve extended this a bit so I can provide a different image on a per-post level, and have replaced the default image with something I found on unsplash that I thought looked cool.

I wanted to make more pages for my site that didn’t fit my navigation architecture. I’ve been admiring the websites of Maggie Appleton and Andy Bell, so I borrowed some ideas (even some code) and redid my footer. There’s another list of links there now.


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