20 Mar 2023 ~ 1 min read

Release 7: Tags

In looking around for more Astro resources, I stumbled across Sat Naing’s site and Astro template, which gave me some ideas for how to spruce up the tagging feature I built. Also took the opportunity to clean up some other implementations.

Tag Updates

  • Added a little count badge to each tag on the Tags page, which shows you how often the tag occurs in my posts. Sorted the list by tag count.
  • Gave the Tag component a makeover, centralised it, and implemented it everywhere tags can be seen on the site.
  • Listed the Top 5 most frequently used tags on the Blog page for ease of navigation.

Other Updates

Ok maybe it’s not just tags.

  • Beefed up my Tag utilities a bit, which I might continue to do since there’s still a lot of copypasta.
  • Removed these Release posts from the blog page. You can now find the latest release on the Credits page, or browse by the release tag.


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