30 Jun 2023 ~ 1 min read

June 23

A fairly thin release this month. I wrote a couple of blogposts at the beginning of the month, and havent worked on anything since. I’ve planned a few features I hope to work on and deploy next month so here’s hoping I regain some momentum.

Image Attribution in Blogposts

I’ve added some frontmatter that stores the image attribution link data from Unsplash. I use this as a template to add a little caption to my blogpost images. Added some less than ideal alt text to these as well.

Dulled images on Dark Mode

Took some inspiration from a twitter thread by Joe Bell. When you’re viewing my website in Dark Mode, every image should have a bit of the saturation toned down. Hopefully this makes it a little less straining in the dark.


Yep, after a littlebit of a dance-about, and a littlebit of downtime, my website is now served over HTTPS. Shoutout to 2MHost for making this super easy for me.

Various Bugfixes and improvements

  • security updates to dependencies (thanks, Dependabot!)


Headshot of Miko

Thanks for reading. I'm Miko, a UI Developer from Sydney, Australia.
You can follow me on Mastodon or Twitter, see my code on GitHub, or connect with me on LinkedIn.