Miko's Blog

Look, I figure if I write these things down somewhere, hopefully I'll learn something. Enjoy.

  1. Release IV: A New Hope

    It is a period of lockdowns in the galaxy. A brave UI developer has challenged the tyranny and oppression of his lack of DOCUMENTATION.

  2. Release 3: Back to work

    A few new features but alas, not the homepage. Also, my last release for the foreseeable :)

  3. 5 Steps To Writing A Good Technical Test

    A simple guide on writing tech tests, based on my experiences with completing (and assessing) them

  4. Release 2: Mostly Typography Updates

    My second release of changes to the site. A Credits page and, surprise surprise – more typography changes.

  5. Zoom Etiquette

    Helping you make the most of your meetings in the time of COVID-19. How the DOPS team ran effective and inclusive meetings online, with a distributed crew.

  6. Release 1: The First Fixes

    If a website gets released in the woods without needing a hotfix, does it make a sound?

  7. Hello, World! Again!

    The new site's live! But at what cost??... and with what tech?