About Miko

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I'm a design-focused UI developer. I'm passionate about Design Systems, UX and Accessibility, and I specialise in redesigns and rebranding strategies.

I've been lucky to work in this industry for over 10 years with many talented individuals, both as a manager and as an engineer.

I've spent the last few years leading and managing the Design Operations team at Finder.com.au, Australia's largest comparison website. We owned the Luna Design System, and progressively redesigned the entire site experience globally – from individual UI components, to unifying dozens of page types and templates across thousands of pages into one.

Before that, I was the Senior Front End Engineer on the Luna Design System. I worked closely with Designers to help define and build reusable components for our hundreds of publishers to use in thousands of pages, across a dozen of our websites. I also helped to build the Niche Builder, a now core piece of Finder infrastructure, with an agile focus in a custom legacy system.